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Deer Processing

Here at Davidson Meat Processing, we also do custom deer processing. There is a flat fee of $80.00 per deer, with the optional extra charges being our delicious home-made summer sausage, capes ($15.00), hides ($5.00), and skull caps ($5.00). You can be sure that the deer you bring in is the one you get back! We here at Davidson's pride ourselves on that fact! Your deer must be checked in at a check station before we can take it!

Our summer sausage is all made here at Davidson's. We have 3 different flavors: regular (with cracked peppercorns), salami (our mildest flavor), and pepperoni. The price of the summer sausage is $7.00 per 3# stick or 3 sticks for $18.00. We also make snack stick, which is cut into small, managable pieces and has a more smokey flavor. The snack stick comes in 1# bags and is $5.00 per pound or 3 pounds for $12.00. 

Each year, we give away a gun safe to one of our lucky customers! Here's how it works; we give you a number starting at 000 and ending at 999. This number stays with each and every part of your deer and gets put into a pot with the other numbers. On January 31st of each year, one number gets drawn out of the pot by the owner's granddaughter, Haylie. The number she pulls out wins the gun safe!

Local check stations in Warren County:

B&B Carryout
2028 SR 73
Waynesville, OH 45068
(513) 897-3685
Check station # 8301
Open 24/7

Spillway Party Supply
7646  Oregonia Rd
Waynesville, OH 45068
(513) 897-9334
Check station # 8302

Open Daily 6-9

Coomer's Family Market and Deli
10059 SR 132
Pleasant Plain, OH
(513) 877-9401
Check station # 8304
Open M-Sa 8-9, Su 12-8

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